About Us

Brief History of KMPF

The former Akaki Steel Industry and later Kaliti Steel Industry currently known as Tsehay Industry S.C. Kaliti Metal Products Factory set up shop in 1968 by an Italian named Signor Riso Sprado and other share holders for 500,000 birr capital initially the area of the factory had been 130,050 square meters of land.

The staff number stood at 50 at the time of establishment with a good deal of the technical work carried out by foreigners /Italians/ with the local work force engaged mostly in manual labor activities. At the time of establishment the factory produced round, square and rectangle pipes, Secco door and window frames and Ega sheets for roofing and wall cladding.

Following the political system changes of 1974 in the country and the Dec. 7, 1975 proclamation nationalizing production and distribution enterprises administration of Kaliti Metal Products Factory was passed over to the National Metal Corporation under the Ministry of Industry. At the time of nationalization the work force stood at 86 and the capital at 2,000,000 birr.

With change of government in 1991 the factory remained under state control until it was reestablished as a public enterprise on November 11, 1995 following the Public Enterprises Establishment Proclamation 25/1992 and Council of Ministers Regulation 54/1993. It was later sold to Tsehay Industry S.C. on July 11, 2012 and presently boasts a work force of 435 of which 380 are men and 55 female.


The factory is located on the main road to Debrezeit, 20 Kms away from the center of Addis Ababa (capital). Now it occupies a total land area of 99,400 square meters. (Click on the names of branches to see the exact location)

Production and Marketing

The factory uses imported steel sheets in coils as its major input to produce standardized and job order metal products. The factory distributes its high quality and dependable products to the local market from the factory premises and through its branch sales centers located in Teklehaimanot area (Addis Ababa), Adama, Hawassa, Bahirdar and Jimma.

Main products

The factory produces different kinds of steel products through cold rolling process. The products are used as input for construction sector, metal industry, metal workshops & small scale industries.
The products are genuine in their quality. They meet the Ethiopian standard. ISO standard and the regulatory requirements

1. Trailers and Cargo truck bodies
2. Furniture and structural hollow sections
3. Galvanized & black SECCO & LTZ door and window profiles
4. Galvanized and pre coated EGA sheets for roofing & wall cladding
5. Galvanized corrugated iron sheet
6. plain & press formed metal products
7. Garbage tankers
8. Dixon and Heavy duty shelves
9. Construction form works
10. Other metal products as per customers design
Are the Main ones.