Factory Profile

Kaliti Metal Products Factory (KMPF) was established in 1968 with the objective of producing structural and furniture hollow sections, door and window frame profiles, EGA and ribbed sheets for roofing & wall cladding, galvanized corrugated iron sheet , pressed and plain sheet metal products trailer & Cargo truck bodies and other job order products.

KMPF is one of the metal industries in the country that manufactures range of products. The factory was acquired by Tsehay Industry Share Company from Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency (PPESA) since July 12, 2012. It is now working with a total capital of more than Birr 700 million and with a work force of 435 workers which is comprised of 378 male and 57 female.

The fact that the factory have been in the business for more than 47 years, it has contributed significantly to the emerging industries and construction sectors through the supply of metal products. Moreover the factory has made efforts to improve itself and its out reach by carrying out various system improvement works such as:-

  • Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Integrated performance Management System
  • Business Process Re-engineering and also expansion works on the manufacturing units especially on tube making lines.
  • Management Information System.
  • Implementation of KIZEN Philosophies.

Having made all those stated efforts the factory won the national first level award of excellence in April 2012 for demonstrating organizational excellence, out standing practices and high commitment in managing and achieving results.


The factory is located on the main road to Debrezeit, 20 Kms away from the center of Addis Ababa (capital). Now it occupies a total land area of 99,400 square meters. (Click on the names of branches to see the exact location)

Production and Marketing

The factory uses imported steel sheets in coils as its major input to produce standardized and job order metal products. The factory distributes its high quality and dependable products to the local market from the factory premises and through its branch sales centers located in Teklehaimanot area (Addis Ababa), Adama, Hawassa And Debreberhan.

Main products

The factory produces different kinds of steel products through cold rolling process. The products are used as input for construction sector, metal industry, metal workshops & small scale industries.
The products are genuine in their quality. They meet the Ethiopian standard. ISO standard and the regulatory requirements

1. Trucks and Trailers,
2. Square, Rectangular and Circular Hollow Sections,
3. Door and Windows Profile (Black and Galvanized SECCO),
4. LTZ 28 and 38 size,
5. EGA sheets (From Galvanized and precoated or painted),
6. Galvanized corrugated iron sheet,
7. Stepped Tiles for roofing and wall cladding
8. Plain & pressed products,
9. Dixon shelves and Formworks,
10. Truss Purlin Door and Window,
11. Industrial cable tray,
12. Garbage Tank,
13. Furniture,
14. Assembling / Erection of products on site,
15. Other metal products as per customers design,

Are the Main ones.


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